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The Tactical 20 was designed by Todd Kindler, owner of The Woodchuck Den, Inc. for precision long-range varmint shooting. The goal was to design a twenty-caliber cartridge with super long-range performance, but on a modest case design to minimize recoil and noise. Todd also selected the time proven and readily available top quality 223 case to base his Tactical 20 on (most shooters call it the 20 TAC today). Todd designed the 20 TAC with the accuracy proven 30-degree shoulder and the proper neck length to accommodate a wide range of bullets that he knew would be available down the road.

It didn’t take the 20 TAC very long to prove itself in the varmint shooting sports. It soon was destroying alfalfa eating woodchucks at 400 to 600 yards and stopping coyotes in their tracks with minimal pelt damage – something the most serious coyote hunter likes to see. Serious varmint shooters around the world started building 20 TAC’s for their varmint hunting needs. It wasn’t long until the word spread regarding the outstanding design and long-range potential of this cartridge. Some of the shooters like Greg Tannel owner of Gre-Tan Rifles, who just happens to have a solid reputation for building the most accurate competition and varmint rifles in the world built himself a 20 TAC and called it a “Death Ray On Varmints”!

The 20 TAC is one of the early twenty caliber cartridges that Todd has designed and it soon “blew the 20 caliber door wide open”! With 30 to 40 grain bullets, it is one of the most accurate and efficient 20 calibers available today. With the high B.C. 40 grain bullets, it has less bullet drop and wind drift than the 220 Swift! And does it with less than 25 grains of powder compared to the 220 Swift using 39 grains of powder!

Are you ready for a serious “Death Ray” varmint cartridge? Then buy or build a 20 TAC today! The Woodchuck Den has all the precision reloading dies and equipment to help you on your 20 TAC, so give Todd a call at 330-897-0614 today!

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