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Dear Serious Varmint & Target Shooters:

Welcome to The Woodchuck Den your “accuracy pro shop” that is here to help you in your varmint and target shooting needs. The Woodchuck Den has been in business since 1995. We started out with a simple philosophy, which we still have today – helping the serious varmint and target shooter reach his accuracy goals whether it is nailing a large woodchuck at 600 yards, trying to put more coyotes down at long range, or shooting the smallest groups in competition.

The Woodchuck Den also specializes in the fantastic 17 & 20 calibers, which just happen to be the very best calibers for varmint shooting today. The new designs in these 17 and 20 calibers combined with the very high B.C. bullets to go along with them make it easy to outperform the traditional 22 and 6mm’s that so many are accustomed. The 17 and 20 calibers accomplish this with much less powder, less recoil, less noise, and are truly more fun and safer to shoot!

I have always shot, loved, and promoted the 17 calibers and The Woodchuck Den has stocked as many 17 caliber reloading tools and cleaning supplies as we could find even when no one else would even consider it. We soon became “the 17 caliber go-to store” for the 17 fans around the world. One of the first things I did was put together a detailed 17-caliber reloading manual called “The Sensational Seventeen’s” and offer it to the seventeen shooters to help them get their 17 calibers going. We continually revise this manual to include new up-dated information. It provides the very best loads, stories on the seventeen’s, and the correct reamer prints. If you’re interested in a sensational 17, check it out and please call us for your 17 needs!

Over twenty years ago, I started working on the twenty calibers, which was a very difficult uphill battle. It was a very complex process to convince the shooting industry to make products for a caliber that only a very few at the time were shooting! Luckily, some of those manufacturers remembered me from all my work on the seventeen calibers, and I was able to convince Douglas Barrels and Berger Bullets into making barrels and bullets respectively. With that, I had the 20’s off the launch pad, but it took over two decades to get where we are today. I designed various 20-caliber cartridges such as the 20 Ackley Hornet, 20 Ackley Bee, the fantastic 20 VarTarg, the sizzling 20 Tactical, and the super long range 20 Titan just to name a few! I continued to work closely with many of the shooting manufacturers to bring out new 20-caliber products.

It has taken a long time and a lot of work, but now the 20 calibers are poised to dominate the varmint shooting scene! They are performing extremely well in shooting competitions now out to 1,000 yards. For the life of me, I’m still trying to convince some of the manufacturers and shooters (particularly the bench rest crowd) that the 20 calibers are just going to dominate – so why not get on board!)

We have available a very nice 20-caliber manual called the "Terrific Twenties" containing over twenty years of our work with the best load data, stories of what we have done with them, and the correct reamer prints. Check it out!

Whether you are looking for a 17 or 20-caliber product or any of the other calibers, please call us. We can help you with any of your varmint or target shooting needs!

Good Shooting!