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Updated: 9-1-2016

Very early Cooper Model 38 Varmint Extreme in 17 HeBee serial number TK1 excellent English walnut with Weaver V-16 and Leupold rings. Great looking and collectable rifle. Very accurate. $3500.00

BAT 3-Lug Action in 20 PPC 1/9 twist Shilen barrel for 100 to 1000 yard shooting. Features a gorgeous Scoville burnt orange & black carbon fiber stock with weight system. . Jewell 2 oz. trigger. The action is glued in and this rifle could be used for serious 100-1000 yard competition or ultra-long range varmints! Light Varmint class ..Awesome looking rifle as new! $2850.00

CPS Aluminum (Similar to Kelbly but steel insert completely through the action) bench rest rifle with a Kelbly stock in 20 PPC 1/9 twist barrel, Jewel 2 oz. trigger, painted black 10.5 lbs. almost new! $1495.00

Benchrest History! A McMillan custom built sleeved XP-100 in 222.5. Really nice long black anodized sleeve with a accurized XP-100 glued inside. The sleeved action is bolted into a really beautiful highly figured lamented Walnut benchrest stock. The rifle will make the 10.5 lb. class. It would also make a superb varmint rifle. Built by one of the legends! $1500.00

Benchrest History!!! Original Stolle Panda made by the master Ralph Stolle in 1975!! This rifle has one of the beautiful rare early mahogany laminated thumbhole stocks. It comes with three barrels 6/35, 24/40 and a 223/35 all popular cartridges of the day. On top is a mint Lyman All-American 20X scope with the very nice adjustable turrets! This vintage benchrest rifle looks almost new for being over 40 years old. If you want a real piece of benchrest history complete with three barrels and scope of the day this may be your best chance!! $3500.00 plus $100 shipping call Todd- 330-897-0614

Classic Single Shot Rifles for Sale

Winchester High Wall in 22 K-Hornet, double set triggers and stunning exhibition wood. This rifle shoots as well as it looks! Including a few fireformed cases and Redding die set. $3000.00 firm plus $100 shipping & insurance to your FFL.

Remington Hepburn 25-21, this rifle has a cut rifled match Pence liner and built by Dennis Hrusosky, double set triggers and includes the bullet mould, reloading dies, breach seater, cases and rear tang sight. A great opportunity to own a precision built classic rifle all ready to go! $3500.00 plus $100 shipping to your FFL.

DZ Arms Remington Hepburn 38-50 like new, double set triggers, heavy 32" barrel, very nice wood with cheek-piece, front globe sight, includes a lot of brand new cases, reloading dies and more. A beautiful classic single shot that looks brand new!! $3500.00 plus $100 shipping to your FFL.

Brand New Unfired Custom Ruger #1 in 6.4X284 with a match Douglas barrel all beautiful matte blue finish, stunning Exhibition Bastone Walnut stock with very handsome and unique western style checkering pattern, inletted swivel studs and steel grip cap, all stock work by Wenig custom stocks. Includes a brand new 2.5X8 Leupold with Boone & Crocket reticle mounted in custom S&K rings! This rifle was built to be a magazine cover gun and has never been fired! $4000.00 firm plus $100 shipping to your FFL. A stunning classic rifle!!

Ruger #1 Liberty Model in 30-06. Includes a new Leupold VX-3 Compact 3x9 matte in S&K matte rings. Nice wood possibly unfired! $1195.00

High Grade Shotguns

Parker Reproduction 28 Gauge two barrel set with Beavertail forend and deluxe case. There were very limited sets made like this. Very nice wood like new and possibly unfired! $6000.00 plus $100 shipping to your ffl.

1929 Fox AE Grade 20 Gauge, 26 inch barrels, fully restored with very high end Exhibition English Walnut. This also has the single trigger and Beavertail forend. Includes a framed A.H. Fox Shotguns history certificate. A stunning small grade Fox!! $6700.00 plus $100 to your FFL.

Winchester 94 Trapper Model Saddle Ring Carbine 30-30 in like new condition with 16" barrel! $675.00

Cooper Arms 17 Mach IV take off barrel like new, this should fit a model 38 or 21 with a little fitting by a gunsmith. This is an early Shilen barrel that is very accurate!! $175.00

Custom 17 Mach IV barrel for XP-100 handgun 14 inches long very accurate! $135.00

Brand new and unfired Remington Model Seven take off barrels: One left is 223 Rem. stainless steel

Used Suhl 22 rimfire barrel 20" long $45.00

Brand new Remington 700 short action synthetic stock with thin black pad installed and sling swivels. It would be good as a varmint or sporter as it is so lightweight at only 25 ounces!! Very nice $250.00

T/C 22 LR Match 23 inch brand new in box $275.00 These are the original T/C barrels!

T/C Octagon barrel in 6mm TCU! This is a 12 inch T/C Association barrel without sights. Just an awesome varmint big game cartridge..including original box!! Sale $250.00

T/C Encore synthetic butt stock $40.00

T/C Encore muzzle loader forend $30.00

Many wood T/C grips and forends ...call

Several sets of original T/C catalogs & literature. Very nice old style catalogs with just awesome covers and heavy stock! Call.

Lyman 1200 DPS 3 digital powder system like new with box. Showroom model $175.00

Original Weaver T20 scope duplex with a few light ring marks with original Weaver vinyl cover. $385.00

Ruger Single Six 22 Magnum Only These were made only two years 1959 and 1960 and this is a 1959. It has a 6-1/2" barrel and looks unfired with box! $675.00

Ruger 22/22 Mag. Convertible like new condition. Made in 1967 and has the desirable 5-1/2" barrel. $495.00

Finish Reamers:

6 Var Targ Turbo (6mmx222) $135

17 VLR (17 on the 223 case with 30 degree shoulder) and gage $135

17 Mach IV with .197 neck match style reamer $125.00

Antique powder measures, scales and reloading presses for sale including Bonanza, Herters, Lyman, Echo, Lachmiller and Saceo many beautiful old classic reloading equipment! Cool stuff for the loading room. Call for information...