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The VarTarg Series was designed by Todd Kindler over 15 years ago for the serious varmint and target shooter hence the name “VarTarg”, which stands for varmint/target. There are five different cartridges, which are based on the 221 Remington Fireball and the 222 Remington. Todd owned and shot the 221 Fireball and numerous 222 rifles over the years and loved those cartridges. However, he always felt there was room for improvement to these cartridges. So he designed the 20 VarTarg, 20 VarTarg Turbo, 22 VarTarg, 22 VarTarg Turbo, and the 6mm VarTarg Turbo all based on the proven 221 and 222 case designs.

The 20 and 22 VarTarg are based on the 221 case and the 20, 22, and 6mm VarTarg Turbo’s are based on the 222 case. These fantastic varmint and target cartridges have the accuracy proven 30 degree shoulder and the correct neck length for a variety of bullet weights. The 20 and 22 VarTarg cases have a slightly longer neck than the original 221 Fireball case and the 20, 22, and 6mm VarTarg Turbo have a shorter neck than the original 222.

The 20 VarTarg (20VT for short) was the first one that Todd designed and tested, and he knew right away he had something very special. Todd explains it best, “The 20 VarTarg is like putting the old 221 Fireball on major steroids as it actually turns the 221 into a viable 400 – 500 yard varmint cartridge.” With a precision built varmint rifle and accuracy hand loads, the little 20 VarTarg can outperform the 223 Ackley Improved for bullet drop and wind drift. This is all done with less than 20 grains of powder where other 22 caliber cases use 30 – 39 grains of powder. This adds up to precision long-range performance with substantially less recoil (which means you will see many of your shots) and considerably less barrel heat - you can shoot prairie dogs and other varmints almost non-stop. This translates into more fun long-range shooting and less cleaning and barrel wear!

Todd really feels once precision varmint shooters experience the 20 VarTarg and the word gets out like it has the past few years, it will become one of the most popular 20 calibers around. The 20 VarTarg is simply the perfect prairie dog and ground squirrel cartridge and is ideal in the eastern U.S. for 400 yard woodchuck hunting as well. It is also very easy to load for with all the precision reloading dies available through The Woodchuck Den at 330.897.0614. You won’t go broke buying powder for it either.

The 20 VarTarg may be small in size, but it slams those big ole woodchucks like a lightning bolt hit them and turns a fat, old prairie dog literally inside out!

For more information on the 20 VT and many more 20 caliber cartridges check out Todd’s "Terrific Twenties" reloading manual.